About me

I am 14 years old and still stuck in high school. I also live in Wellington New Zealand. Yet me being in high school I have great aspirations to become a software engineer. When im not at school or out palying sport i can normaly be found sitting in my room playing video games.Want to work together? I'd love to hear from you.

Current & Past Schools

Primary school. I went to redwood School from years 1-6. from ages 4 to 10. At redwood school was where i picked up my maths skills. I was the kind of kid that would be exited to do maths meanwhile everyone else is whining.
Intermediate. I went to Tawa Intermediate School from years 7-8. from ages 11-12. At this school is when i really got into computers. Joining a group called textperts and getting into basic coding with lrgo mindstorms and html.
High Scool. I currently still go to my cuurent school, Tawa College, years 9-present.


I am a huge fan of video games. I do still play sports. Yes I do go outside... Occasionally. I play football, badminton and cricket, all for Tawa College. My biggest interest is of course programming.